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Proxmox Backup Server 2.1 ist verfügbar!

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Wir freuen uns mit der Community, dass die Backup-Lösung Proxmox Backup Server, die wir auch für unsere NMMN Managed Shared Cloud und für die individuellen NMMN Hosted Private Clouds nutzen, in der stark verbesserten Version 2.1 veröffentlicht wurde. Die neue Version basiert auf Debian 11.1 (Bullseye) mit Linux kernel 5.13 und nutzt OpenZFS 2.1.

Die NMMN wird sich das neue Release von Proxmox Backup Server genau anschauen und in der Testumgebung ausführlich die Upgrade-Pfade prüfen!

Hier noch die offizielle Release-Notes aus dem Proxmox-Forum.

Released 23. November 2021

  • Based on Debian Bullseye (11.1)
  • Kernel 5.13
  • ZFS 2.1

Changelog Overview

  • Enhancements in the web interface (GUI):
    • Add traffic control management panel in the web interface.
    • Load and usage graphs now have much higher resolution.
    • Display the next media label for a tape backup job.
    • Improved translations, among others:
      • Arabic
      • Basque
      • Brazilian Portuguese
      • French
      • German
      • Simplified Chinese
      • Traditional Chinese
      • Turkish
  • Enhancements in Backup Management
    • Support flexible traffic-control bandwidth limits:
    Implement a token bucket filter (TBF) for limiting incoming (for example, backup) and outgoing (for example, restore) traffic from a set of networks.
    Limits can be configured such that they get applied only during specific time-frames.
    • Support for protected backups, which will not be pruned and cannot be removed manually, without first removing the protected flag.
    • Support group-filter for sync jobs and tape-backup jobs:
    For such a job, you can specify if you want to process only a specific type (ctvmhost), a specific group or a regex that matches the group-ID.
    Multiple such filters can be applied per job. They act cumulatively.
  • Enhance existing OpenID Connect (OIDC) support:
    • Add support for configuring an arbitrary username claim.
    • Allow setting the requested scopes for user information requests. The default remains the same (profile and email).
    • The prompt behavior is now unset (previously hard-coded to login) and can be configured to the OIDC specification defined variants or an arbitrary extension.
    • You can now configure Authentication Context Class Reference (ACR) values to be requested on any authentication request.
  • Improved Round Robin Database implementation
    • Uses a journal to avoid data loss;
    • Uses much higher resolution:
      • per-day: 1 min (previously 30 min)
      • per-month: 30 min (previously 12 hours)
      • per-year: 6 h (previously 1 week)
      • per-decade: 1 week (previously none)
    • Stores data for last 10 years;
  • Backend
    • New debugging tool proxmox-backup-debug
    • Improved support for various tape drives and changers

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